Starfield credits serve as the key currency for acquiring gear, enhancing equipment, procuring resources, obtaining starships and components, dining at establishments, recruiting crew members, repairing equipment, settling debts and potentially influencing outcomes through bribes. These credits for Xbox Series X and S serve as the foundational currency of the in-game economy, underpinning a vast array of activities within the game.

There are various ways to get more credits in Starfield. By affiliating with a faction and completing its questlines, you can earn substantial credits as rewards. Engaging in activities such as smuggling, selling contraband or establishing resource farming outposts and trading those resources can also yield profitable returns.

You can also get credits by looting defeated enemies, scavenging their possessions, and selling acquired gear and resources at shops. In certain non-factional quests, you have the option to request monetary rewards, thus granting you additional credits.

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